Why couldn’t I write beautiful things like Geoffrey of Monmouth?

Well you know what? I can! I’ve always been interested in the way we don’t allow ourselves to explore all sorts of artistic expressions. We often say phrases like, ” I’m no poet.” or the classic, ” I can’t even draw a stick figure” but I feel like all people posses the ability to create beautiful things. I do also think that it just comes easier to some, and that’s where one can feel inadequate. In the very first couple of lines of The History of the Kings of Britain written by Geoffery of Monmouth he beautifully describes England.

He says,

” Britain is the best of isles, situated in the western ocean between France and Ireland. Stretching eight hundred miles north to south and two hundred miles east to west, it supplies ceaseless abundance for every human necessity. It is rich in every type of medal and likewise has wide fields and hills, which are well-suited crops, each in its proper seasons. The island also has forests filled with all types of wild beast and pastures filled with domestic animals and with the colors of flowers that offer their nectar to the flying bees. It also possesses the greenest fields stretching pleasantly beneath lofty mountains, in which sparkling waters flow by in sweetly murmuring streams, promising sweet slumbers on their banks.Moreover, Britain is watered with lakes and rivers full of fish, and on its southern edge by a channel over which one can sail to France.” (Geoffery 42)

The way he describes Britain with such elegance is inspiring.  I wonder why we don’t talk about the places we love like this more often. So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m going to write a little bit about a place I love, Marylhurst University.

Here goes.

Marylhurst University: My love.

Campus is calm and quite, one can feel the presence of peace, serenity, life.

This place has history. You can see it in the trees.

The buildings tell you the stories they hold in their bricks as the wind hums the songs of the past.

You walk as if you are floating, gliding through the air of comfort.

The classrooms are buzzing with knowledge and conversation.

Each class you take is a channel of understanding that flows seamlessly into the river of your soul.

Here you are alive, here you learn to thrive.

As you look up at the sky you realize just how free you are to fly.

Marylhurst University hugs you hello and gently releases you goodbye.

Marylhurst is life, knowledge, and beauty.

-Travelin’ Tori


One thought on “Why couldn’t I write beautiful things like Geoffrey of Monmouth?

  1. Oh, that is so kind and lovely. And you are right, Geoffrey (and Shakespeare–check out the famous speech by John of Gaunt in Richard II that begins “This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle…” Makes you love and feel proud of England even though it is not your homeland. But as Thoreau says–“Does not the sun also shine on the Concord River?”–meaning, isn’t the river running through his backyard as mythic and fertile as the mighty rivers of antiquity?
    So–wow–love your tribute to our “demi-paradise.”


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