The British Library- London England.

Growing up I was never really a book worm. My older sister Sammee had that role in the family. I fancied bookstores just about as much as I did root canals. But now? Now I can’t stop reading. I love reading, I want everyone to leave me alone and let me read. I am often jealous of the English and Lit majors who get to read all the time! This shift happened for me when I started college. I was no longer the girl with the lazy eye who always struggled with reading. One day I told myself, ” Hey Tori, you know you can just read and believe in yourself right?” and boom that’s all it took.

For this reason I was really excited for the British Library (and not just because it was next door to King’s Cross ;)) I was so excited so see all the old books, the invaluable collection. My grandparents are antique collectors and my greatgrandma lived to be 107 years old so I have always been surrounded my the vintage and the old.

On September 7th we arrived at the amazing British Library and it felt so alive. Everyone was buzzing around, many people were reading old manuscripts. There were books from floor to ceiling and it was glorious. Our group took a guided tour of the treasure room. I was blown away with some of the original manuscripts they had in there. Immediately upon walking into the hall of treasures we stopped at the original music scores. Woah, my eyes began to water as I was overcome by the power and beauty of seeing these. Original Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, all musicians I have learned about, performed, and enjoyed through my years of being a choir kid. My boyfriend really love Chopin too so it was an amazing thing to see (and sneak a picture of)

That was just the beginning and we roamed through this room filled with original Jane Austen, Shakespeare, bibles, and even block prints (AMAZING!)! I was blown away, I was teary eyed the majority of the time and I was so grateful to be in that room all together.

There was so much more to that day but I will leave this post as it is, We’ll be here all day otherwise!

-Travelin’ Tori

Oh last secret thing, there are pictures of these treasures I may post here. Our guide said, and I quote, ” Pictures aren’t allowed but I can’t see behind me. I didn’t say that. Let’s go!”

Loved it!


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