Back to the Vatican- A church/ chaple

The Vatican had me in all sorts of emotional storms. Every room, building, sculpture and painting had me in tears. Here I was in from of things that were world famous. Things people dream their whole life to see. Things that are so incredible timeless and so very old. It was astounding. The Sistine Chapel was the most emotional I think I was on the whole trip beside the first day in Rome. As you walk in you are funneled into into a blob of people all looking up… in awe.  ( “Don’t forget to look up” became my mantra in Italy)

The ceiling of the Sistine chapel was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. It is a series of frescoes, where pigment is added directly to the plaster before it dries. It is iconic, like nothing one has ever seen before. You look at it and your are dumbfounded. There are not words to describe the immense beauty and wonder that the ceiling offers.


So after crying and not being able to stop in the Sistine Chapel we walked directly into St. Peter’s Cathedral. And again your body is filled with the feeling that you are so incredibly lucky to be here. Your eyes are overwhelmed by the beauty that is rushing into them. There is so many patterns, tile, painting, sculpture, amazing-ness just everywhere. I sat in pure presence in St. Peter’s. I just gazed, let the tears fall, and smile. Truly amazed to be there.

-Travelin’ Tori


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