Food, food, food- London

I love food! Every kind of food. I was really excied (and surprisingly not nervous) to experience the food in another country. In London I most looked forward to Fish&Chips. I knew that in England they were going to be amazing! and sure enough they were. I ate fish&chips for a lot of meals. n fact when I came home and my boyfriend asked me what I ate in England he thought for a second I was either starving myself or unable to remember anything except fish&chips. The best Fish&Chips I had was at a little restaurant across the way from the British Museum. We headed there for a bit afer roaming the Museum and before heading to the Globe. I ordered my usual delicious Fish&Chips and was given this monster

It was hugee It was amazing! All it took was one person to say I may not eat all of it for me to say ” Challenge accepted” haha I was definitely hungry enough and I love when my little self blows the minds of others. 

I did end up finishing this mondo and enjoyed it very much. It was a good moment 🙂

The other part of England I loved was the tea. You could order a cup of tea anywhere you went and everytime is was so warm and comforting. It hugged your heart and warmed your soul. I also felt super British when I would drink tea. There were lots of moments when I felt right at home in these foriegn countires and drinking a cu was one of those. 

   England reated me well as far as food. I was never dissapointed or let dowwn. The tea was also my friend. I loved every minute. 

-Travelin’ Tori


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