Raphael has my heart- A painting.

For our art class we had to do a number of presentations on paintings or sculptures in a variety of museums we visited. We would do the presentations outside then head in to find all the art we just taught each other about. I did multiple presentations on the paintings of Raphael. I have always admired his work but researching it, teaching it to my fellow classmates and then gazing at them in real life was so moving. I cried with each one I saw. They were all so vibrant, colorful and amazing. The one that touched me the most to have the privileged to see was the School of Athens in the Vatican. What an incredible painting. There was so much detail, hidden gems and history in that one painting. I loved everything about it.Also it was huge! This is painted on an entire wall in a huge room. It’s amazing, vast, wonderful.

school of athens

Some know and some don’t but the to figures in the middle are said to be Aristotle and Plato and the man drawing in the front is said to be Michael Angelo. Raphael also placed himself in the painting and he is said to be the young man in the right hand side of the painting wearing a black cap and looking out to the audience. I could stare at it all day and speculate what each character and gesture means. He is an incredible painter and I’m so happy I got to see a lot of his work.

-Travelin’ Tori


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