Dickens and the Coliseum

photo 4

Is this the cutest picture of Meg and I or what? 🙂

“Its solitude, its awful beauty, and its utter desolation, strike upon the stranger the next moment, like a softened sorrow; and never in his life, perhaps, will be so moved and overcome by any sight, not immediately connected with his own affections and afflictions. ” -Charles Dickens Pictures from Italy

Dickens really describes ones feelings when encountering the Coliseum. It’s amazing, huge, beautiful and yet broken, tarnished and has a sort of messy history. Dickens is much better at putting it into words though. “Its solitude… awful beauty… utter desolation…softened sorrow…” It really is a confusing array of emotions one feels as they gaze upon this monument. Then being inside it’s so crazy to see the size the columns, the intricacy of the underground tunnels and the visions of all that has occurred there. It’s bittersweet, and definitely sobering.

I wandered the inside with Beth and I feel like she was a great buddy to have in the Coliseum. Her spirit is so calming and loving. We chatted about life, family, and experiences. We wandered in amazement at this place. There were also many moments of silence and simply watching the Coliseum buzz. It was really perfect. Again the Coliseum is such a combination of beauty and desolation, wonder and history, amazement and sadness.

photo 3

The columns were unbelievably huge!

photo 2photo 1

-Travelin’ Tori


One thought on “Dickens and the Coliseum

  1. Hi Tori! I’m working my way backwards through your blog, I think! I love this photos of us–wonderful!! I see here in your post the beautiful way that a work of literature can augment our exeperience of a place–adding words for the feelings we exerperience, creating a greater resonance for our own experience. An awful beauty, indeed.

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