Stress, Study Abroad, and Super Supportive People.

This is a story about stress, it’s many forms, supportive people, and overcoming it all.

Before I left for Europe I was pretty stressed. I was working multiple jobs, taking 6 credits, serving on 3 different committees plus some volunteering, social life and getting everything ready for this crazy adventure I was headed on. It was wild and included a few minor emotional breakdowns, but I got through it with so much support it was amazing.

On my birthday (one of the only days I was off at both jobs and school) I had a party at my house. It was really lovely. One of the gifts I got was from my good friend Rose. She bought me some stationary and a journal. The journal is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen called “It’s Gonna Be Okay.”  Every page of the journal has space to write as well as a quote about how everything is really going to be okay and work out. It’s so encouraging, its so powerful and it’s so perfect. I cannot wait to start filling the pages with my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams because it will all be okay.

Traveling is stressful. I handled it pretty well for the most part. The day that my emotions and my stress became too much was when we flew from London to Rome. Flying is stressful, especially with a group and once we got to Rome there was confusion and chaos. I finally broke down when the internet was out of commission. I needed my honey, I needed my family to know I was in Rome, I needed normal-ness in this foreign place. This is where the lovely Beth and Kalie came in. As I sat in the square with some of our members waiting for the others I just broke down. As I cried I had Beth and Kalie on either side of me. They both simply knew I was struggling and sat with me to comfort me. They are the best.

The rest of the trip wasn’t that stressful. Having 7 twenty-somethings in one 3 bedroom apartment is not the greatest of environments after a while. Too many hormones and personalities.

Coming home was unexpectedly hard. The stress of finishing 17 blog posts and a 4-paged paper, starting fall term, running an event, starting full-time, trying to fix chaos that occurred while I was gone, recovering from jet lag and missing the pace of life in Europe.

Now I’m at week seven and I’m at a whole new level of stress. I’m not sure I have ever been so stressed in my life.

Last night I got a text from Beth from the trip asking if I wanted to meet up before class. The answer was absolutely, yes, one million times! So we met in the bookstore and her hug gave me so much life. People are our life blood, connection are our medicine and life is a truly beautiful thing, stress and all.

-Travelin’ Tori


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